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19th December 2012

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I had the most amazing time away. I went down to Melbourne with my boy, and it was just the best time :) I loved pretty much living with him for just under a week. And going and doing touristy things. It was just such a great time :) Here’s some of the awesome things we did!

We arrived at midday, checked in + did our grocery shopping.Then we caught the tram to Festival Hall to see Alexisonfire’s final show :)

We went to Melbourne Aquarium! It was brilliant! We got to see gorgeous penguins, cute baby sea horses and cool Octopus!
We then shopped around (well, looked around haha) Bourke Street Mall, which was pretty cool!
Then we ended up at Next! hanging with some friends we know from down there and drinking and dancing.

We went to Old Melbourne Gaol where we were incarcerated! I was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, and Zach with vandalism haha. We were then locked in a cell and got to see what it was like. We then looked around and learnt some interesting facts. It’s the place where Ned Kelly was hanged!
We then went to The Mana Bar, where we played PS3, Nintendo and Xbox and downed Red Vs Blue shots and sipped Princess Peach and Ocarina of Lime cocktails haha
Later that night, we went to Crown Casino and had dinner and watched the awesome fire show along The Yarra.

We got up early to get a train and a bus down to Dromana to go to one of my best friends 21st. We got to see all of Flinders Street Station, which is beautiful! We got to see the pier and some of the nice little cafes. We then headed to her house where we helped set up for her party. It was so much fun and so lovely to see her family and meet her partner and friends!

After being treated with bacon and eggs for breakfast, we made our way back to the CBD.
We headed to Eureka Skydeck, which is the 88th level of the Eureka building. The views were amazing and we got to watch the sunset. We stood in the outside area which was freezing and a little scary.
Then we did the unthinkable. We went into The Edge. Which is pretty much a cube with  4.5cm thick glass floor that goes out the side of the building. It was terrifying to look down and see the street below us, but it was so much fun, and I’m so proud of myself for doing it!
We then went to Madame Brussels, a very beautiful fairy tale like bar.
After that, it was back to the casino to actual gamble!

After a later check out, we went to the 3 level EB Games and played all the games in the Nintendo experience.
We then made our way to Federation Square and then into ACMI. We got to see some awesome things and even make a Matrix video! ACMI was an awesome place, and I can’t wait to go again!
We then went down to St Kilda and had yummy chips at the cafe on the pier.
We had the amazing Lord Of The Friends one last time and then it was time to head back to the airport :(

I love Melbourne, and I cannot wait to go back! It’s one of my favourite places, and there’s still so many things I’d love to do!

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29th April 2012

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Had the best 21st :) 
It was amazing. Had an awesome time with my family and friends!
got very very drunk and danced and sang and even dj’d a bit haha
Just had the best night. Thankyou everyone :)

Had the best 21st :)
It was amazing. Had an awesome time with my family and friends!
got very very drunk and danced and sang and even dj’d a bit haha
Just had the best night. Thankyou everyone :)

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